Creating a Brand For Personal Injury Attorneys- In Spite of the Bar

Justice News Flash -After years of working with all types of clients, I have found that one of the hardest tasks in advertising is creating a brand for a “par” client says Rene Perras of a lawyer internet marketing studio.

In all advertising we strive to distill a brand essence from all of those qualities that make each of our clients distinct.  This is not just a slogan, but also an underlying creative strategy that should be mirrored in every touch point for that brand.  The process involves taking the unique features of a client and translating them into the functional and emotional benefits to their consumers. What these qualities mean to a consumer and how they make them feel about that product or service.  How they would describe this brand if it were a person.

The real challenge is when trying to determine a brand essence for an entity that is very similar to others in its category.  Best retail example are car dealerships like BMW.  Each dealer sells the same car, so they can’t say that their product is superior. Each can sell them for the same price, so they can’t say they are better priced, (although they try to). And each offers certified factory service, so they can’t say that their technicians are special.  So how do you clearly differentiate each dealership, create a brand and make them stand out from the clutter?

That is the real challenge and it mirrors the task when trying to brand a personal injury law firm or attorney that serves the public in the same way that many other firms do. That is especially true when the state Bar limits the manner in which a law firm can describe itself or its members.  Even more so when each firm portrays what makes them different exactly as many others.

The best advice I can provide is to realize that an ad or brand is like a magnet. It will attract some consumers and repel others.  Think hard about what it is that makes you truly special and include rational reasons for your prospects to make that emotional decision to contact/hire you.  Reduce all of the tangible “facts” of why your firm is the right choice for a client to a couple of sentences and then clearly define how these characteristics will benefit your clients on an emotional level.  It can’t just be about your service as your legal peers also offer quality service.  Once you can concisely verbalize what makes you unique, you have a starting point.

Of course, the challenge of defining your law firm’s brand is also why I recommend having lawyer marketing professionals on your team.  Attorneys write and think differently than marketers and utilize entirely different skill sets.

It is important to partner with legal marketing specialists, as the higher your firm sets the bar for your advertising, the higher the Bar will set its limits on what message you can convey

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