SEO For Corporate Law Firms- The Missing Link?

New York City, NY – Justice News Flash — When we talk with large corporate law firms with strong regional or national reputations, they often wonder why SEO and our proprietary news engine products would be a valuable tool for their firms.  After all, the types of clients that they seek to attract are not searching for counsel on the Internet as is often true for consumer attorneys, such as personal injury or family law firms.

As has been often reported in the news, many employers and college admissions professionals are now looking at social marketing sites like Facebook and Myspace to get the type of information that their applicants don’t include in a resume or application.  In advertising terms, they are looking beyond the veneer and exploring the “brand” of their applicants.  Corporate law firm marketing can also favorably influence their brand image by selectively using social media, and by publishing articles and news features on the Internet that illustrate their expertise, intellect and successes.

One of the key benefits of the Internet, and our news engine products in particular, is that they provide a venue that does not in any way feel like an advertisement, but the end result is that is exactly how they function.  For firms that limit their advertising to trade publications and memberships in associations, publicity and news broadcasts that you can control are among the best practices to promote your firm.  When distributed properly, many articles will subsequently be picked up by top news sites and further add to the respect attributed to your firm.

Although a large law firm’s reputation may get them consideration by clients large and small, as part of the due diligence in hiring their services, many potential clients Google their candidates to get a feel for their credibility on the web, aside from the firm’s web site.  Nothing can take the place of a good reputation, but for many firms with names that include highly regarded departed attorneys, potential clients are much more interested in the future than they are in history.

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