Telemarketers invade cell phones!

Cell phone numbers went public today to pesky telemarketers across the U.S.–The extensively long, highly coveted, private list of cell phone numbers went public to telemarketers on Monday. Cell phone users no longer have exclusive rights to the privacy of their numbers. As of yesterday, all cell phone numbers were released to telemarketing companies. You will start to receive sales calls and you will be charged for these annoying sales calls!

To prevent yourself from receiving calls from telemarketers and being charged dial this number from your cell phone: 1-888-382-1222. This is the National DO NOT CALL Registry. This alerts the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block the use of your number by telemarketers. This simple call places your number on the National DO NOT CALL LIST and prevents telemarketers from using your number for 5 years. This call takes approximately 20 seconds and the recording states your number will be registered within 24 hours after your call. You MUST call from the cell phone number you want blocked.

After 31 days of registering your number, it is a violation of federal law, for telemarketers to continue to solicit using your registered phone number. If you receive calls after the 31 day mark you may file a complaint with the FTC by going to their website . If you change your phone number you must register again. news source for civil litigation lawyers and consumers

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