Targeted Referral Mailings For Personal Injury Law Firms

/ Perras/ 01/08/2009 – Because of our belief that when marketing their personal injury law firms, attorneys should make things happen rather than wait for them to happen, we recommend a regularly scheduled series of targeted mailings to other lawyers to generate referrals.  Although we wouldn’t advise relying exclusively on referrals, there is great potential that other law firms can send you multiple cases, whereas the typical consumer will only have a singular need.

There are certain limitations inherent in gaining referral business from other attorneys such as their reluctance to pass on a case that they believe that they can adequately handle or whether they believe that you will also refer them cases. That said, by carefully selecting your recipient list and crafting the appropriate message, your law firm can grow its referral business into a significant revenue stream.  We recommend targeted mailings three times per year, with each mailing focusing on a different practice area demonstrating the firm’s expertise, experience and knowledge in that area.

Lawyer to lawyer branding is different from branding your law firm in the minds of consumers.  Every target of your mailings will have a greater ability to evaluate your credentials than the average consumer.   And there may be multiple decision makers who will decide to send you the case or not.  It is important that the mailer have a high production value and the message include accurate facts and information complete enough to solidify the decision.  Just as the rewards are greater when you build an ongoing referral relationship with another firm, the risk is also higher.  At stake in the decision to refer or not refer is the reputation of the referring attorney.  It is much easier to create a favorable impression in the minds of consumers.

The target for referral mailings should include virtually every member of the bar, located in your geographic sphere of influence, that practices in areas different from your firm.  If the niche you occupy is a highly specialized sub set of personal injury law, then including other personal injury lawyers may reap some benefits.  It is important to convey sincerely that your intention is to both honor their relationship with their client and to refer back those cases from your clients which are in their area of practice.  Just as the client of a divorce attorney may need a personal injury referral when in an accident, your accident victim may ask your advice on a family attorney if that need arises.

The key to success is to do multiple mailings on a consistent basis as your firm will need to maintain top-of-mind awareness for the future and capitalize on the benefit of the good timing of having the mailer in the hands of a firm when they need help to fight for the rights of their client.

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