Sonoma County San Francisco pays $1.75 million for police shooting lawsuit

Sonoma County agreed to pay $1.75 million for police shooting death lawsuit

San Francisco, CA (–The family of Jeremiah Chass, 17, sued Sonoma County, the sheriff and two sheriff’s deputies for the wrongful death of their son. The lawsuit was filed in a San Francisco federal court. Lawyers for the family claim the police officers wrongly shot and killed 17 year-old, Chass.

As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Sonoma County Sherriff’s Department responded to a relatives call for help in March 2007. Reports allege Chass was mentally distraught and holding his 6 year-old brother hostage with a knife. The police officers shot the mentally distressed teen seven times and killed him.

Sonoma County supervisors settled the lawsuit for $1.75 million. The district attorney cleared the deputies criminally citing they followed protocol. The payment was approved by a unanimous vote on January 13, 2009 by the Sonoma County officials. for San Francisco wrongful death lawyers

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