Shelby Township police settle $1.95 million wrongful death lawsuit

Michigan community and police officers settle a $1.95 million wrongful death lawsuit.–The family of Steven Spears settled a wrongful death lawsuit against Shelby Township for $1.95 million. The Chicago Tribune reported the lawsuit was filed by Spears family against the Macomb County, Michigan community when Spears died after receiving a taser shock from police.

According to the Shelby Township police Spears was found running through traffic in August 2007 in only his underwear. Police officers attempted to subdue Spears by giving him an electrical shock with a taser gun. The 49 year-old man died during the altercation. The lawsuit, filed by the family claimed Mr. Spears was struck repeatedly by police with Tasers and beaten. The suit also alleged he was suffocated when police were restraining him.

U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood approved the $1.95 million dollar settlement on December 8, 2008. The family named five police officers and Shelby Township, Michigan, in the wrongful death lawsuit of Steven Spears. The report reflected a medical examiner had ruled the Tasers were not a factor in Spears’ death. The settlement comes in light of possible police misconduct and the aggressive tactics of the five police officers against Spears as the cause of the wrongful death.

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