Web Marketing For Personal injury attorneys – Why Choosing the Right Domain Name Matters

New York City, NY – (Justice News Flash) — As detail oriented as most personal injury attorneys can be, and as focused on the big picture and the end game, as they have to be, it seems out of character that some of the smaller, but crucial details go unnoticed when it comes to marketing their law firms on the web.

One of the more important examples of this paradox is the selection of a domain name (URL) for their law firms.  While it makes great sense to build and market the reputation and name of your firm in your community as a general business practice, it may not be the best alternative for selecting a URL for web marketing.  We recommend registering and using a more practice and location focused URL for the web, and if necessary, a second URL that includes your firm name for your business cards and collateral.

Selecting a URL requires an understanding of the way in which potential clients search the Internet for attorneys and other services.  First of all, most searchers do not perform a global search for a service that they need locally.  What that means to your firm, is that a potential client living within a reasonable radius of your city or town will not just type in attorney when they search.  Many individuals searching for a lawyer will type in the city or town where they live followed by the word lawyer.  Many are unaware that a personal injury attorney may actually come to them, but all want the personal service and local familiarity provided by someone located reasonably close by.

In addition, as prospects become more and more savvy, they search for more specific types of attorneys, such as car accident attorney or personal injury attorney.  The more you can make your website search engine friendly, the better the chances are that new prospects will find you.  By including a key word that represents a practice area you want to market specifically in your URL selection, you can help the search engines help you.

In summary, by choosing a URL that includes a practice area of focus and your physical locale, you can improve your chances of being found on the web dramatically.  For example, YourCityCarAccidentAttorneys.com will provide greater opportunities than YourNameandPartner.com.

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