Why Purchase a Safe Vehicle? Well, Why Not? by Orland Injury Lawyer practicing Car Accident Injury Cases

What would you think if someone told you about a vehicle that was both exhilarating to drive and also offered you and your passengers the greatest amount of safety when and if involved in a collision? Chances are you would think such a vehicle is purely hypothetical. Quite simply, many if not most drivers equate safety with boredom when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. While there may have been a bit of truth to this notion of new car buying in years past, automobile manufacturers have become exceptionally skilled in designing vehicles that are as sleek and sporty as they are safe to drive.

Orlando, Fl (Justice NewsFlash.com) Auto manufacturers are increasingly aware that safety can elevate their slumping bottom lines. With growing numbers of consumers being interested in collision protection and occupant safety, more companies are using positive crash-test results as an advertising ploy to attract the scarce amount of prospective vehicle buyers in an attempt to beat the competition. The two primary factors manufacturers take into account when it comes to vehicle safety are crash prevention (how well the vehicle is designed to prevent an accident) and crashworthiness (how well the vehicle performs if involved in a collision).

While government testing and recent legislation have worked to narrow the gap between safe and not-so-safe vehicles, some cars are safety standouts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and Consumer Reports are perhaps the most relied upon sources to reference when searching for a top choice in vehicle safety.

Vehicles, tires, and even seat belts are much better equipped to handle crashes nowadays than they were twenty, fifteen, even ten years in the past. In fact, this safety trend seems to have made a significant acceleration within the past two years alone. More than twice as many vehicles earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest ranking for 2009 as compared to last year, which is more than three times the number of 2007 winners. So, no matter what type of vehicle a potential buyer may be considering, he or she can walk into just about any dealership and locate a vehicle that affords the best overall crash safety and protection.

Nevertheless, the most important factor that influences whether or not a particular vehicle will be involved in a collision and the severity of injuries likely to be sustained is the safety of the person behind the wheel. After all, a vehicle’s safety depends in very large part on the manner in which it is driven. Even the most battle tested and proven vehicle is not as safe as the one that never leaves the driveway

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