New York wife gives her heart-husband demands $1.5 million for his kidney

A Long Island surgeon at Nassau Community Hospital demands $1.5 million from wife. Doctor wants money in for donating kidney to his wife.–A New York doctor demands $1.5 million dollars from his estranged wife in a divorce settlement. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Dr. Richard Batista gave his kidney to his wife in a life saving transplant operation in June of 2001. The Long Island surgeon and his wife have been entangled in a four-year divorce war involving matrimonial lawyers for both parties.

Some reports claim Batista, a surgeon at Nassau University Medical Center, demanded his wife return his kidney. The doctor received divorce papers from his wife Dawnell Batista in July 2005. He claims she began having an extramarital affair approximately two years after receiving the doctor’s kidney. The doctor and his divorce lawyers are now stating they will take $1.5 million dollars in compensation to settle the divorce lawsuit and to aid the surgeon is his recovery.

Dr. Batista is claiming his wife has continuously prevented him from seeing their three children for months at a time. He is further claiming he has gone public with his demands as a last resort. Divorce lawyers across the country are familiar with similar types of claims by estranged spouses fighting through lengthy divorce battles. Our nation’s judges are not willing to value these types of assets in dissolution of marriage lawsuits and settlements. provides beneficial news for divorce lawyers

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