Earthquake jolts Southern California

San Bernandino residents jolted by 4.5 magnitude quake Thursday evening.–Breaking News: The U.S. Geological Survey showed a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit at 7:49 p.m. Thursday night according to the Associated Press (AP). The quake hit the 200,000 occupant city of San Bernandino, California, which sits approximately 55 miles east of Los Angeles.

The jolt struck near the San Jacinto fault line which is part of the San Andreas Fault. Local police authorities have not received any reports of damages to properties or injuries. The moderate quake was felt in both Orange County and Los Angeles County. Sherriff’s department officials did not report any damages or injuries in either counties.

Southern Californians are used to the ground they live on rolling and shaking every now and again. Several moderate quakes ranking from 4.5 to 5.4 on the seismologists scale have stuck over the last six months. There have been no major damaging earthquakes to the highly populated Southern California area since the 1994 Northridge disaster. breaking news for insurance litigation attorneys.

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