BART police shooting video hits Internet inciting riots

Oakland police subdued over 200 violent rioters late yesterday. Protesters responded violently when videos of BART subway shooting hit Internet. became victim to violence and mayhem again for the second time since New Year’s Day yesterday. Video tapes of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man hit the Internet yesterday causing violent protests in the California town already rocked by unrest. A day after the riots in Oakland angry residents of the San Francisco suburb verbalized their frustrations to community leaders. As reported by AFP, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) riders witnessed police fatally shoot an unarmed black man on New Year’s Day. Oscar Grant, 22, was shot and killed by a police officer responding to reports of fighting on the subway.

The shooting was captured on video by many passengers of the subway train and has been widely broadcast on Internet sites like Cell phone and Iphone video has also been viewed on television stations across the county. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) asked BART officials to acknowledge the death of Grant as “murder” today.

Protests escalated into sheer violence late Wednesday after videos took the media and websites by storm. Some 200 protestors bashed in store windows, vandalized a police car along with over two dozen other autos, and blocked off streets. Garbage cans were set on fire and police had to respond in riot gear resulting in over 100 people charged with vandalism, assaulting police officers, and inciting a riot. Damages have been estimated at approximately $150,000 from the violent protestors.

Grant’s family filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against BART. Oakland Police Department is conducting their own investigation of the shooting and the police officer who shot Oscar Grant resigned Wednesday.

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