Cigna insurance denies medical treatment to young girl-family files death lawsuit

Cigna insurance denies medical treatment to young girl-family files death lawsuit


Family of 17-year-old Los Angeles teen files lawsuit against Cigna insurance company. Family sues claiming refusal of medical care led to daughter’s death.January 5, 2008, San Francisco, CA (–Bay Area insurance lawyers and unfair business practices experts for Justice report a lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles. Family of 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan has filed a claim against Cigna insurance company. The company initially refused to pay for a life saving liver transplant for Nataline. Four medical experts from Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA Medical Center continuously appealed to the insurance carrier claiming they believed the transplant to be beneficial for the 17 year-old girl. Cigna kept arguing the procedure was experimental and continuously denied the claim. The insurance company eventually approved the transplant after Sarkisyan’s family held a rally outside Cigna’s Los Angeles office. She died hours after the approval was granted.JNF wrongful death news reporters and San Francisco insurance attorneys disclose the accusations and allegations claimed in the lawsuit against Cigna by the Sarkisyan family and insurance law firm:-Alleged breach of contract-Unfair business practices-Intentional infliction of emotional distress-Rejecting valid claims-Wrongful death of Nataline SarkisyanJustice insurance litigation correspondents along with Bay Area insurance attorneys urge all consumers to be aware of insurance companies improper claim denials. If you are experiencing difficulty with your insurance company denying claims, an attorney who specializes in insurance litigation may be able to help.News Contributor: Justice insurance reporter

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