Florida ranks highest in emergency room waiting times leading to increased injuries

Florida patients wait hours longer in emergency rooms than in most states. Florida ranks 43rd for worst waiting times possibly increasing patient injuries/deaths.

December 30, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Justice medical malpractice legal news reporters and South Florida patient injury lawyers have learned Floridians may wait in emergency rooms the longest. A 2007 study, by a health care research firm, ranks Florida 43rd worst in the nation for emergency room wait times. On average Florida patients are waiting nearly five hours for their initial examination by the emergency room physician. The Florida College of Emergency Physicians agrees longer waits can jeopardize patients care. In an emergency every second counts. Many people report to the emergency room before their illness or injury is emergent. Unfortunately, delays in care can turn an urgent illness or injury into an emergent life threatening one.

JNF patient care advocates and emergency room healthcare experts assert emergency rooms are typically the places in hospitals which are the most crowded, drastically understaffed, and have the longest wait times for care. This can lead to instances of medical malpractice due to any of the following:

-Delay in care causing an increase injury and illness
-Patients not being properly monitored
-Incorrect diagnoses that are incorrect
-Diagnoses of illness too late for care
-Incorrect or inappropriate treatment
-Inappropriate doses administered
-Errors in lab tests
-Over dosage

Justice medical malpractice settlement and verdict news reporters and South Florida health care injury attorneys reveal approximately 50 percent of all cases of negligence in emergency rooms end up as cases of medical malpractice. Every patient who ends up with major health issues through medical negligence deserves rightful compensation. Consulting a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice may help you and your family recover.

News Contributor: H. Ryan, RN, CLNC reporting for Justice – Personal Injury Lawyer News Source

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