Legal Website Content for Attorneys-Why Content is King

/ Quinlan/ 12/30/2008
Whether you are creating a new website, or redesigning, updating or just adding new copy to your current website, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have high quality content.  Web content may actually be more important than the physical look of the website. The legal writing should be crafted to keep visitors to your website engaged and to impress the search engine spiders.

Both of these goals are of great importance.  Nowadays, web travelers have a uniquely short attention span, so if the content on your website is boring, uninformative or overly repetitive, your website may suffer a high bounce rate.  That means that visitors arrive and leave rapidly and obviously don’t take the time to fill out a contact form.

As the cliché says, “the message is the medium,” so the first impression gained by a new visitor will determine their future potential as a client in less than a minute. Your law firm needs to be positioned properly in the minds of your website’s new visitors, as this is the first step towards building a relationship with potential clients. It is key for your web content to clearly define the strengths and attributes that separate your law firm from the rest of the field.  Also important is to define the types of cases and areas of practice for which you would like to attract new clients.  Legal practice area specific content will help target both your prospects and influence the search engine spiders, especially when the content is keyword rich.

Why is appropriate content important to the search engine spiders?  The content on your website is just one of many criteria processed by the intricate algorithms utilized by Google and the other search engines to help determine your site’s importance and therefore its page rankings.  Although page ranking is not the only measure of success, attracting and converting prospects to clients is essentially a numbers game. The more qualified and informed unique visitors your site has, the greater the chance that your law practice will grow.

Ultimately, the quality and tone of the legal content writing for your website will have a snowball effect.  Better web content will help achieve better search engine rankings for your site, which leads to more unique visitors, which leads to more visitors filling out a contact form and potentially becoming new clients.

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