Is SEO All About Trust?

Because web marketing and SEO are more recent marketing opportunities than TV, radio, direct mail or print, and the results are more intangible than a TV spot or direct mailer that you can see or touch, clients often feel that jumping into SEO is strictly a matter of trust.

While I wouldn’t recommend working with any marketer that you don’t trust, there are tools that will go a long way to eliminate the feeling that the web is just smoke and mirrors.

The following two questions and answers will clarify some of the larger misconceptions about web marketing.

Does anyone really look for lawyers on the web and how do I know what they are looking for?

There are absolutely thousands of people looking for attorneys and information about personal injury, divorce and other types of law firms in your geographic area every day on the web. We are able to determine a rough estimate of how many searchers there are and what they are looking for by performing extensive key word research and analysis. By honing in on these key words and associated themes a targeted marketing program can be devised for your firm.

Can you really measure the results and show me that my investment is paying off?

Naturally, the best way to know that your investment is paying off is by the number of new cases your firm generates. Since it is a numbers game, the more new web visits you achieve, the greater the potential for new cases.

We utilize custom web analytics to determine the quantity of new visits to your site, what pages that they land on and how long they stay. We even can tell where they are located and what type of browser they use.

To track visitors that use your site to obtain information to make a decision and later call you, we place a web site specific phone number on your site that provides detailed reporting of who called, where they called from and how long the call lasted. More in depth info can also be acquired such as the number of unique calls by day, week or month.

These examples are just a couple of the basic tools in the SEO engineer’s tool kit that make web marketing much more than a matter of trust.

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