Marketing for Law Firms-Why Tried and True Marketing Methods May Not be Enough

/ Quinlan/ 12/27/2008
Lawyers who depend strictly on traditional marketing techniques are quickly learning that many “tried and true methods” no longer perform like they used to. Attorneys could dramatically improve their results by updating their marketing programs to include more current practices.

Many attorneys have adopted the latest courtroom technology to enhance their presentations of complex evidence to the regular folk that typically make up a jury. Videos, high tech medical graphics, accident reconstruction animation, and other trial technology significantly support a client’s case, which is so important especially when the stakes are so high.

I have always found it interesting that many law firms will invest in the technology to prove a case, but somehow forget to invest in the technology that will get them the case.

Many trial attorneys rely almost exclusively on referrals for new business. Depending on referrals as a singular source of new business, places your future in the hands of other attorneys. Many referring attorneys will only send business to a law firm that they believe can and will reciprocate. Still others depend on good PR and having a PR firm that gets them headlines in the news. Many firms find that they get good placement but that quite often, it doesn’t translate into new business.

Now I am a firm believer that all of the traditional marketing methods still have a strong place in the media mix. TV, targeted mailers, newsletters and other traditional advertising all have their strengths and weaknesses especially in a need driven business like plaintiff’s law firms. That said, now is the time to invest in web based marketing that includes SEO, social media and a strong news/press release generating strategy.

By elevating your firm to a leadership position with the search engines on the web, your firm will be able to create a synergy between all of the components of your marketing plan and achieve a greater sense of control over your firm’s destiny. All of the components work together, but the added value of a strong web based marketing program keeps you in front of those potential clients when there is the greatest chance to influence and capture their attention. Adopting the technology and working with a professional SEO firm for lawyers can make all the difference.

With so many people receiving their news and current events over the web in place of more traditional venues, it only makes sense to include web marketing in your tool box.

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