Palm Beach drug injury lawyer-Susan Ramsey-alerts FDA issues suicide warning

West Palm Beach injury lawyer-Susan Ramsey-a drug injury attorney alerts FDA warning. Federal regulators require drug companies label suicide warning.

December 23, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (–U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety advocate, Susan Ramsey, a Palm Beach County drug injury attorney alerts suicide warning issued on a long list of the most common epilepsy medications. Federal health regulators are requiring manufacturers, of widely used epilepsy drugs, to add a warning about increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors to the drug products’ prescribing information and labeling. This warning applies to all epilepsy drugs even those used to treat migraine headaches, psychiatric disorders, pain, and other conditions.

South Florida drug injury attorney, Ramsey, with the drug product liability law firm of Gary Roberts & Associates, in West Palm Beach, Florida lists the medications the FDA is now requiring to add warnings about the risk of suicide:

-Carbamazepine (marketed as Carbatrol, Equetro, Tegretol, Tegretol XR)
-Clonazepam (marketed as Klonopin)
-Clorazepate (marketed as Tranxene)
-Divalproex sodium (marketed as Depakote, Depakote ER, Depakene)
-Ethosuximide (marketed as Zarontin)
-Ethotoin (marketed as Peganone)
-Felbamate (marketed as Felbatol)
-Gabapentin (marketed as Neurontin)
-Lamotrigine (marketed as Lamictal)
-Lacosamide (marketed as Vimpat)
-Levetiracetam (marketed as Keppra)
-Mephenytoin (marketed as Mesantoin)
-Methosuximide (marketed as Celontin)
-Oxcarbazepine (marketed as Trileptal)
-Phenytoin (marketed as Dilantin Suspension)
-Pregabalin (marketed as Lyrica)
-Primidone (marketed as Mysoline)
-Tiagabine (marketed as Gabitril)
-Topiramate (marketed as Topamax)
-Trimethadione (marketed as Tridione)
-Zonisamide (marketed as Zonegran)

Aggressive victims advocate in the Florida courts, Ramsey, a West Palm Beach drug injury attorney says this warning applies to generic and prescription epilepsy medications. Innocent U.S. Consumers taking medications for their illnesses and diseases, as prescribed by their doctor, are injured every year because of drug company mislabeling and lack of alerting patients of harmful side effects. If you or someone you know has suffered damages and injuries from a medication, consult a Palm Beach County drug injury attorney.

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