Bay Area injury attorney Zoo Law Expert – M. Alexander-alerts Christmas tiger attack death brings lawsuit

San Francisco zoo lawyer-M. Alexander-a zoo attorney alerts lawsuit filed against zoo. Family of teen who died from 2007 Christmas tiger attack files claim.

December 24, 2008, San Francisco, CA (–Bay Area zoo lawyer, Mary Alexander, reports family of teen killed by zoo tiger last Christmas files lawsuit. On a quiet Christmas evening in 2007, several people were attacked by a Siberian tiger at the San Francisco Zoo when it jumped its enclosure fence and pounced on zoo patrons. Carlos Sousa, Jr., a 17 year-old young man died of blunt-force trauma to the head and neck by the teeth of Tatiana, the escaped Siberian tiger. Carlos was attacked by Tatiana when he distracted the 243-pound tiger from attacking his friend Paul Dhaliwal. Paul and his brother Kulbir survived the tiger attack in part because of Carlos’ selfless act of heroism.

Top San Francisco animal attorney, Alexander, with the Bay Area law firm of Mary Alexander and Associates, specializes in wrongful death legal actions and personal injury claims for injured Californians. Leading zoo attorney, Alexander, outlines where the zoo may have been seriously negligent:

-Association of Zoos and Aquariums recommends big-cat exhibit wall heights of at least 16.4 feet
-San Francisco Zoo big-cat enclosure wall was only 12.5 feet high when Tatiana jumped
-The zoo knowingly failed to protect animal lovers by failing to follow national guidelines

Leading Bay Area zoo attorney, Alexander, reveals the Sousa family filed a claim for compensation with the City Attorney approximately six months ago and was rejected. The rejection, by the City of San Francisco officials to compensate the Sousa family for the heroic actions of their son Carlos has led to the filing of the lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on Tuesday. If you or someone you know has been injured by an animal because a zoo or the animal’s owner has failed to follow national and local standards and laws, you may be entitled to compensation.

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