Web Site Content Management-Should Your Law Firm Be Content Without It?

/lawyermarketing101.com/Kevin Quinlan/ 12/24/2008
In today’s online world, the saying “content is king” is more than just a cliché. Fresh content added to a legal web site on a regular basis, along with other SEO techniques such as the incorporation of key words and meta tags, is essential to elevating and preserving search engine rankings.

Additionally, as your law firm grows and adds new attorneys and staff, enjoys successful outcomes and has news to disseminate, it becomes increasingly expensive and time consuming to require a web programmer to make the necessary changes to your firm’s website.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows any staff member of your firm to create, edit and manage your website content without the technical knowledge of a programmer. When your website includes CMS, the content of your site is stored in a database separately from the architecture of the site preventing the inadvertent destruction of the design when making changes to the site.

Pages can be added or edited simply and without knowledge of HTML coding. A good CMS utilizes the same tools and looks like most Windows based programs. CMS can rapidly manage any style of content including video and audio streams. This feature also works especially well in larger law firms that employ many attorneys and have multiple people or departments to make updates to the website.

In order to stay competitive and drive new traffic to your site, along with having an SEO professional developing and implementing a web-marketing plan, it is imperative to add new pages, news articles and fresh content.

To reap the greatest return on your website and SEO investment you need to have the latest tools to help you drive as many new visitors to your site as possible. New visitors ultimately equals new business.

So should your law firm be content without CMS?

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