Internet Marketing for Attorneys-A Passing Fancy?

Dallas, Texas ( — If your law firm truly believes that Internet marketing is just some passing fad and you are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, you need to look at the trend more closely. There is solid evidence that experimenting in social media and on the Internet may just be smart marketing. What is a fad one day can also be an invaluable marketing tool the next. And look at who has already taken this leap.

Our president elect, using the Internet in a grass roots effort raised over 600 million dollars for his campaign. His campaign and the results are historical and ground breaking for more than the most obvious reasons; for the first time we had a woman running against an African-American in a primary and for the first time we elected an African-American as president. Barack Obama created a complete paradigm shift in what a campaign should, and can do largely because of the Internet and social media.

Without a strong belief in the strength of the Internet as a way to grow your business, the investment is not the issue. For your law firm to move forward you will need to take responsibility for your firm’s success on the internet by accepting that it is the future of marketing for all industries. In the same way that your clients must actively participate in their legal process for the outcome to tilt in their favor, you will have to trust and collaborate with skilled web-marketing experts for your site to become an authority on the web and realize a return on your investment.

Most importantly, you must have realistic expectations as to what your results can be. As your site and the web-marketing program begin to mature you will drive more new visitors to your site and capture more new cases. To expect to brand your firm as an authority site on the Internet in three months is a promise that no one can afford to make.

The goal of a good web-marketing agency is to become your partner and provide your firm with the way and means to generate new business. The alternative is to continue with the status quo and wonder where the new business will come from. There are firms that watch things happen and those that make things happen.

The choice is yours to make and the gamble is whether you believe that the way Barack Obama achieved his success was a flash-in-the-pan or the way of the future. So what do you think? Is the Internet just a fad or the real deal?

Media Contact: Kevin Quinlan- –Internet marketing for lawyers