Lawyer Marketing Firm Discusses Risks of Not to do Marketing Their Services


West Palm Beach, Florida (CEPAC.Com) — Even in today’s information age, some law firms remain skeptical of using marketing mediums to promote their availability to new clients. For those who are content with not marketing their services for fear of not finding quality prospects and other reasons, CEPAC is providing important information to demonstrate how making such a decision may prove injurious to one’s success. The Dangers of Staying in One’s Comfort Zone Reaching out to an unknown base of individuals can be frightening for any professional in any industry. Fears can arise from not knowing if one will be responsive to one’s efforts, or if those who do respond are the kind of clientele one is seeking, based on services offered, and the ability to meet their needs. Having to sift through responses from an overabundance of individuals who are looking for legal services out of the range of one’s area of practice can prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. However, not reaching out at all can be even more harmful. The following are three of the top reasons legal professionals should reconsider the decision to not market their services. 1). Unforeseeable Loss of Current Clientele- Clients are not forever, even those who choose to retain one’s services for long periods of time. Not promoting one’s firm through modern means can make rebuilding a dwindling client base extremely difficult, if not impossible. 2). Damage to One’s Reputation- Websites and other Internet based tools are what most individuals today in need of legal services rely on to find the right attorney for their needs. Not having a website or using other trusted mediums for marketing can take away from a firm’s credibility, by putting in the minds of prospective clients that one has something to hide, or has nothing to show for their experience. 3). Hindrance of Growth- Because clients come and go, especially in the area of personal injury law, not marketing one’s services greatly hinders growth because it leaves no resource available to bring in prospective clients to replace those who’ve moved on. About CEPAC CEPAC is a legal marketing firm that helps build distinctive images for members of the legal profession. The agency develops powerful radio, television, print, and Internet based advertising campaigns for clients. CEPAC is encouraging lawyers to visit them online at for more information on how marketing their services is an important part of pro-longed success. For more information about CEPAC, or the services the company provides, please visit: Cepac: Lawyer Marketing website

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