Attorney Web Video Production and Web Video Optimization – Lawyer Video Marketing 101

Dallas, Texas — With the focus on web 2.0 and the incorporation of more and more social media components in web marketing, the creation of strictly-for-the-web videos for law firms, is causing a lot of buzz. While attorneys have often included their TV spots on their web sites, the crafting of more personalized content for the web can make all the difference between a click-through and a click-off.

We employ several different types of videos for our clients’ web sites and for use on some of the other social media platforms that allow the sharing of videos. We recommend the use of a video to welcome visitors to the site, brief explanations of the various personal injury, family law or other areas of practice, individual attorney profiles and client testimonials.

We find that by integrating videos throughout our clients’ sites, rather than just creating a single video page, we are able to make the entire experience more personal and engaging. Video marketing for law firms offers way more than just information and really makes it a lot easier for the visitor to make the decision to call the firm or fill out the contact form. The videos offer a higher level of confidence and an actual connection to the attorneys featured versus a less dynamic web site.

Nothing is more compelling than a client testimonial and in states where there are no restrictions on including them we incorporate them into the home page or on a separate client testimonial page.

All video productions should start with well crafted scripts based on an interview/dialogue process and have a professional director, camera operator, teleprompter, audio & lighting technicians, and editors working closely from pre-production right through shoot day and into post production. Professional video production for your law firm should look nothing like your home videos.

Once edited and completed, the videos are compressed so that they load quickly for visitors to your website and can be easily syndicated on video sharing sites like YouTube. Each of these syndicated videos is optimized to create a superior visibility profile and maximize the potential for web traffic. And more traffic leads to more new cases.

With the information obtained from your website in hand, and the personal connection established by the web videos, potential clients may already be convinced that you are the law firm for them.

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