Justice lawyers educate Florida retirees at high risk for non-traumatic spinal cord injuries

Legal and medical experts at Justice reveal NTSCI increases with age. Florida retiree population at increased risk of spinal injury.

December 17, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–South Florida spinal cord injury lawyers and medical malpractice legal experts educate about the incidence of non-traumatic spinal cord injury (NTSCI) in our retirees. A NTSCI is defined as any damage to the spinal cord not caused by trauma. A traumatic spinal cord injury happens when someone has been injured by sustaining an impact like a car crash, fall, contact sports injury, gunshot wound or stabbing. Infection, blood loss, tumor compression, and slow degeneration of the spinal bones (vertebrae) such as in osteoarthritis are all examples of a non-traumatic injury. The top risk of NTSCI is age. The older you are the more likely it is to suffer from a non-traumatic spine injury.

Palm Beach County spinal injury lawyers and JNF government health & law reporters are educating Floridians about factors predisposing retirees to non-traumatic spinal cord injury:

-Cancer accounts for 25% of all NTSCI (5% lead to spinal cord compression)
-Vascular (lack of blood supply) makes up about 25% of all NTSCI
-Inflammation and Infections account for about 20% of all NTSCI injuries.
-Degenerative account for 18% of all NTSCI (osteoarthritis)
-Other conditions (genetic and metabolic) account for remaining 12%

Justice correspondents, along with West Palm Beach, Florida, spinal cord injury attorneys and spine experts urge all consumers about early awareness of the above symptoms to prevent permanent spinal cord damage. If you are having medical problems consult a medical expert that specializes in rehabilitation of NTSCI immediately. If complications set in and you suspect your healthcare provider has failed to properly diagnose or misdiagnose your illness you may want to consult an attorney that specializes in spinal cord injuries and medical malpractice.

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