Raleigh divorce lawyer-Carole Gailor-announce Madonna’s ex to get $75 million

Raleigh family law lawyer-Carole Gailor-a Raleigh divorce attorney says Madonna to pay $75 million. Madonna settles financials with ex-husband.

December 15, 2008, Raleigh, NC (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Top in North Carolina family law, Carole S. Gailor, a divorce attorney with Raleigh, North Carolina law firm of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt reports Madonna has settled her divorce. Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie were reportedly worth some $525 million, the vast majority of which belonged to Madonna. Ritchie had an estimated $35 million fortune of the combined fortune. The financial components of the settlement have been resolved and now what remains are the custodial arrangements for the couple’s children.

Gailor is a partner in one of the top family law firms in North Carolina and throughout the country. Gailor states many complex issues arise out of the dissolution of a marraige, especially when high net worth assets are involved and children. When going through an international divorce where children are involved you may find yourself facing the following legal issues:

-Equitable distribution of marital assests
-Child support
-Child custody
-Visitation rights
-Tax issues
-International abduction

Carole S. Gailor has been advocating for the rights of spouses and single parents for decades. Family law and dissolution of marriage laws vary by state and when foreign countries are involved are even more complex. If you find yourself going through a divorce, legal representation by a divorce attorney, who specializes in all aspects of family law my help protect you and your children. A family law professional who is knowledgeable in all areas of family law including: paternity, equitable distribution, child custody/support, international abduction, alimony, premarital and pre-union agreements may help you secure the daily living needs of your family.

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