New York injury lawyers educate-how to drive safely in hazardous weather

New York injury lawyers educate-how to drive safely in hazardous weather


New York injury lawyers alert New England record ice storm causes hazardous roadways. Winter season is here and ensuring safe travel is top priority.

December 12, 2008, New York, NY (–New York personal injury lawyers and Justice news contributors are alerting drivers on how to travel safely on roads and highways this winter. With the first winter storm of the season hammering New England today, New York car crash attorneys are reminding all New Yorkers to travel safely this winter and holiday season. Rain, sleet, snow and ice brings hazardous roadway and highway conditions for all drivers. A little inclement weather doesn’t shut down the city that never sleeps or keeps our drivers parked.

Justice news reporters and New York auto accident and SUV rollover injury attorneys are reminding all commuters, in the great state of New York, the following while driving on snowy and icy roads:

-Slow Down with snowy and icy roads including poor visibility
-Keep at least one car length between yourself and other vehicles
-Do NOT pump your motor vehicles anti-lock brakes
-Accelerate and brake slowly, especially when merging and changing lanes
-Defensive driving in snowy and icy conditions saves lives

The top legal and news experts with (JNF) are urging all drivers to practice safe driving this season. Accidents on our roads and highways cause significant damages and injuries to New Yorkers every day. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident consulting a New York personal injury lawyer may help you recover compensation from your damages and injuries.

News Contributor: H. Ryan with reporting on National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration(NHTSA) issues and personal injury news.

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