Orlando M.E. links child’s remains to missing toddler Caylee

Utility workers found child’s remains on Thursday near Caylee Anthony’s home. Orange County Medical Examiner links evidence to Caylee’s home.

December 12, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Criminal legal experts for JusticeNewsFlahsh.com (JNF), located in West Palm Beach, Florida alert consumers the Orlando Sheriff’s Department are investigating the remains of a corpse found by utility workers on Thursday. The Orange County Medical Examiner’s office linked evidence found with the corpse to Caylee Anthony which prompted a search of the home of Caylee’s grandparents. The missing toddler, Caylee Anthony, 3, is the daughter of Casey Anthony, 22 who has been previously charged with her murder.

According to West Palm Beach prosecuting and criminal lawyers, specializing in missing persons investions, strands of hair found with the remains, a half mile from the home of Caylee’s grandparents, are the same color as the 3 year-old’s and may or may not actually be Caylee’s. Authorities in Orlando are proceeding as though the remains are of Caylee Anthony but are arguing against court requests by the defense for access to the remains. The prosecutor’s office state the defense requests to have access to the remains are premature until they are positively identified.

The legal defense team for Casey Anthony insist she is innocent. 3 year-old Caylee has been missing since June and the case has received national media attention. The remains will be sent from the Orange County Medical Examiner’s office to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.

As reported by JNF correspondent for JusticeNewsFlash.com

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