Senate Republicans refuse to bailout American auto industry late Thursday

Senate Republicans refuse to bailout American auto industry late Thursday


The U.S. Senate refused to bailout the American auto industry last night. Republicans abandoned the bill endorsed by the White House and Congressional Democrats

December 12, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (–Justice news reporters and employment lawyers in South Florida report General Motors and Chrysler may not be able to survive through the end of December. Last night, on Capitol Hill Senate Republicans balked at supporting a $14 billion dollar United States automobile industry rescue plan. The auto bailout was approved by the House on Wednesday and political negotiators worked late into Thursday evening to broker a deal. Washington political insiders are saying the deal fell short because Republicans demanded steep cuts in pay and benefits by United Automobile Workers union in 2009. The rescue plan was a bipartisan effort with President-elect Obama, President Bush and the U.S. House of Representatives. (JNF) correspondents and employment contract attorneys specializing in fair labor standards say the expected devastation of lost jobs, wages and benefits for U.S. autoworkers remains uncertain.
United Automobile Workers union and their members have received harsh criticism recently with reports of over inflated wages and benefits. Industry insiders and employment law experts speculate the average American autoworker is not to blame. Auto company executives with GM, Chrysler and even Ford, with their overinflated incomes, bonuses, and expense accounts, may be a large part of the pending bankruptcy of U.S. Auto manufacturers.

JNF contributors consulting with South Florida labor lawyers assert employment law when dealing with lost wages, employment and benefits is a complex legal issue. Americans are seeing hard financial times with the recent economic fallout. If you have been terminated, laid off, or forced to resign you may be entitled to compensation. Consulting a West Palm Beach employment attorney who specializes in breach of employment agreements may help.

News Contributor: Justice journalist reporting on U.S. Auto worker news and Fair Labor Standards Act Violations allows lawyers, journalists, and other professionals the opportunity to provide breaking news to their communities using an easy to access, convenient medium. Information covered includes: wrongful termination lawsuits, breach of employment agreement cases, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations, and pension law violations claims (ERISA).

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