Deadlocked Screen Actors Guild seeks authority to strike over contract

The Screen Actors Guild looks to strike over lack of entertainment contract The union is seeking authorization to strike over a new contracts in January.

December 10, 2008, Los Angeles, CA (–
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The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), a union which represents about 120,000 performers, said today it would mail ballots to members in January seeking authorization for a strike over a new contract. Ballots will be mailed on January 2 and counted on January 23, SAG said. (JNF) entertainment contract law information specialists have been informed SAG union official leaders have been waiting for a better deal than those approved by other Hollywood unions in the past year. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the major studios, have refused to budge. One of the top issues has been how much actors should be paid for content delivered over the Internet. The Internet is one of the fastest growing sectors for television and movie products. The screenwriters strike, in late 2007 which ended earlier this year, brought prime-time TV production to a halt and cost the Los Angeles economy an estimated $3 billion.

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