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Private disability insurance is designed to replace your loss of income in the unfortunate chance you are unable to earn income from working due to suffering a temporary or permanent disability. Like all insurance policies, the insurance company has a legal and contractual obligation to pay your claim when you are entitled to collect benefits. It is wholly irrelevant whether you obtain the insurance through your employer or on your own. Likewise, it also does not matter who pays the insurance premiums. Sustaining a disability and having your life disrupted by being confined in your home or a medical facility is an awful experience. The last thing you and your family need or want is to struggle with your insurance company to receive the benefits to which you are entitled. If you need assistance with a denied disability insurance claim, contact the law offices of Rue & Ziffra, P.A. Disability insurance policies are frequently drafted with ambiguous and misleading contractual terms. Our team of skilled trial lawyers works with clients to battle insurance companies who either delay or deny claims for benefits.

Not only do insurance companies intentionally write their policies in a confusing manner, they also often disagree with the nature and severity on your injury in an attempt to avoid distributing benefits. Additionally, disputes between insurance company and claimant frequently arise over the effect of your injury on your ability to produce income from working. Unless you absolutely and completely understand the terms and provisions in your insurance policy, attempting to handle your claim for benefits without legal counsel may prove detrimental to the outcome of your case. Moreover, it is almost guaranteed that the insurance company will present medical evidence that contradicts the presence of a disability and legitimate entitlement to benefits. Accordingly, it is critical that you hire an attorney at the outset of your case who will work closely with your treatment providers to ensure that you are capable of presenting compelling, persuasive and credible evidence of your disability and its adverse effects on your ability to earn income from working.

At Rue & Ziffra, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the disability benefits to which you are entitled. You do not want to struggle to find a qualified and experienced group of attorneys to represent your claim. Do not believe the insurance companies always have you and your family’s interests in mind. Unrepresented claims are delayed for extended periods of time and frequently result in denial. We understand what is at risk and encourage you to contact our law offices if you are considering filing for disability benefits or if you have been denied partial or total disability benefits.

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