To Blog or Not to Blog – Lawyer Marketing 101

If you are like a growing number of today’s in-the-know attorneys, then you have probably given strong consideration to blogging. If you have not, then perhaps after reading further, you will give it some thought, as there are now several thousand law blogs and the number is increasing very quickly. This increase is not because these firms need an outlet for their excess energy.

The positive impact on your firm’s web site is almost impossible to measure in dollars. In addition to the improvement for search engine optimization due to the continual addition of fresh content, it helps create the impression of authority in the minds of the readers. Blogging is also a softer marketing practice than email blasts and traditional advertising, and it tends to offer more insight into the personality of the firm and the attorneys that may represent a potential client in the future.

That said blogging should be done because an attorney has a deep desire to share their thoughts and experience and not just because it is a very cost effective marketing technique. Sharing interesting or unique cases and personal insights into the legal practice will go a long way towards promoting your firm, but promoting your firm will not provide insights into your firm’s personality. Self-promotion cannot be done subtly and should be avoided. A link to your About the Firm” page will be more effective.

In order to get the maximum from your blog, write what you know, write how you speak, and say what you feel, and hopefully it will resonate with others. Always identify the author of each posting to maintain the credibility and personal nature of the blog. It is also essential to maintain a consistent schedule for posting new articles/commentary. Engage in dialogue with your readers when they post comments or questions about your topics. You may find that your commentaries are picked up by other blogs and the number of links to yours grows dramatically.

The bottom line is that if you create an interesting and informative legal resource that showcases your knowledge and connects with your readers, you will have created a cost effective marketing tool for your web site and elevated the profile of your firm.

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