Army transsexual wins sex discrimination lawsuit against U.S. government

Former U.S. Army Special Forces commander wins sex lawsuit against feds. U.S. Library of Congress found guilty of sexual discrimination after sex change surgery.

December 9, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL ( Leading Justice informers, with sexual discrimination lawsuits, alert of a recent federal judge decision in favor of a former U.S. Army Special Forces commander. U.S. District Court, Judge James Robinson, found the U.S. Library of Congress discriminated against Diane (formerly David) Schroer  “because of sex” after it learned Schroer was undergoing a sex change operation. The judge the Library of Congress was initially enthusiastic about Schroer, but revoked its offer of employment after learning of the sex change.

Concerned West Palm Beach sex discrimination lawyers, who specialize in employment legal actions, see this federal judicial ruling as an important step in ensuring rights for government employees and American workers. Workers experiencing sexual orientation discrimination and all employees subjected to employment law violations have the right under federal and state laws to be treated fairly. reporters and employment attorneys who advocate for workers subjected to sexual discrimination hailed the victory as a groundbreaking ruling. This ruling clearly establishes discrimination against the transgender as sex discrimination under federal law.

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