New York MetLife Inc. reports $27 billion in cash!

New York MetLife Inc. reports $27 billion in cash!


MetLife rallied up as much as 7.3 percent on Wall Street this morning. Met Life reveals capital New York Stock Exchange sees surge this morning.

December 8, 2008, New York, NY (–MetLife, Inc, the New York based company is considered the biggest life insurer in the United States by business and insurance industry experts. The life insurer’s year-end review and forecast for shareholders was reported by MetLife executives today. The insurance company asserted they possessed $27 billion in cash at the end of November today. The $27 billion dollar figure is almost $7 billion dollars more than at the end of the third 2008 quarter.

Justice informers are along with insurance litigation lawyers are aware MetLife lost half its value this year. Serious concerns regarding losses in insurance company portfolios may endanger the ability to pay life insurance policy holders. These fears may also further limit the purchase of new life insurance policies by American consumers. Insurance industry and financial experts have reported the following about MetLife finances:

-MetLife reported a 38% drop in third quarter profits this year
-Insurance lawyers claim annuity deposits are down and investment backing policies have declined
-MetLife sold $2.3 billion in stock in October to increase liquidity and finances
-Insurance companies nationwide are bracing against additional losses on stocks and corporate debt because of the depressing American economy

American consumers buy life insurance to help their grieving loved ones face their futures financially after their deaths. Justice news reporters understand the horrible pain and suffering Americans face when loved ones die. Life insurance policies are an insurance contract with the benefits paid at the time of the insured person’s death. If you or someone you know is the beneficiary to a life insurance policy, and the insurance company is refusing to pay the policy benefits, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Seeking the advice of an insurance lawyer specializing in life insurance policies may help you and your family.

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