Nevada doctors responsible for Hep C outbreak!

Hepatitis C outbreak and exposure in Nevada caused by doctors and nurses. Nevada Board of Medical Examiners files medical malpractice against physicians.

December 8, 2008, San Francisco, CA (–San Francisco medical injury lawyers and JNF medical malpractice news specialists alert Americans about the largest Hepatitis C outbreak ever recorded in Nevada. This outbreak is currently the largest patient notification in the history of the United States. The Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada has been issued with a medical malpractice complaint by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners for the third time. Dr. Clifford Carrol, a Las Vegas gastroenterologist, faces four allegations relating to the care he provided to patients at the endoscopy center. Carrol negligent care and lack of treatment resulted in infecting innocent patients with the life threatening virus, Hepatitis C. Malpractice complaints by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners have already been filed against the clinic’s majority owner, Dr. Dipak Desai, and Dr. Eladio Carrera. Both have had their licenses suspended pending an investigation. The medical board and many injured patients are claiming the health care providers are responsible for exposing and transmitting Hepatitis C.

Bay Area medical injury attorneys reveal the following regarding the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners’ investigation into this awful tragedy:

-Federal and local health officials have urged more than 53,000 former patients of the Shadow Lane and Burnham Avenue facilities to get tested for hepatitis B and C, and HIV.
-Carrol performed a colonoscopy on a known Hepatitis C patient early in the day.
-Carrol treated a patient later that day who contracted Hepatitis C
-Desai and Carrera performed procedures on 6 people who were infected with Hepatitis C the same day
-Unsafe injection practices (reuse of syringes on different patients) by nurse anesthetists led to transmission of hepatitis C.
-Southern Nevada Health District has definitively linked eight hepatitis C transmissions to the Shadow Lane facility
-One Hepatitis C case is linked to a sister facility (Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center)

Legal government health and law informers for Justice in San Francisco, California, discovered since the outbreak, federal and local health officials have urged more than 53,000 former patients from the Shadow Lane and Burnham Avenue facilities be tested for hepatitis B and C, and HIV. Health officials say 105 hepatitis cases are “possibly associated” with one of the clinics and health care providers. If you or someone you know has been treated by a doctor or health care provider associated with one of the above facilities you may want to seek medical treatment and care by a doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis and HIV. Contracting Hepatitis or HIV because a doctor, hospital or health care provider has been negligent is a civil injustice. Contacting a medical injury lawyer specializing in medical malpractice by a doctor or hospital may help you recover the compensation for your damages and injuries.

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