The Truth About Burn Injuries -Daytona Beach Burn Injury Law Firm Rue & Ziffra, P.A

According to the American Burn Association, approximately half a million Americans receive treatment for burn injuries each year. Most unfortunately, about 4,500 of those injuries result in death. Surprisingly, burn injuries are the second leading cause of accidental death in the country. Fires are responsible for the deaths of more Americans in one year than all natural disasters combined. Not only do burn injuries frequently result in physical disfigurement and excruciating pain, victims of such horrific accidents often struggle to overcome the emotional and psychological impact of these events.

Burn injury victims in the state of Florida have commonly been involved in accidents such as house fires, automobile fires, gas fires, contact with chemicals and other toxic substances, electrical and industrial mishaps, and injuries caused by defective products such as exploding appliances. Burn injuries can be quite complicated and may affect various parts of your body, including muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, body fluids and temperature, and of course, the skin. Furthermore, these injuries can lead to kidney damage, stomach and bowel system shutdown, infections, shock, stress ulcers, and collapse of the circulatory system. Accordingly, the costs incurred as a result of burn treatment can be overwhelming. Many burn victims require extensive hospitalization and surgical procedures followed by years of doctor check-ups, physical therapy, prescription drug needs, and occasionally psychological treatment. At Rue & Ziffra, P.A., we will help you receive the financial compensation you may need for extended medical care.

Several factors contribute to the severity of a burn injury. In particular, the source of the injury, the bodily region(s) predominantly affected by the burn, the degree of the burn, the surface area of the burn, and the physical and mental condition of the burn victim are among the more critical factors that determine the severity of the injury and the requisite treatment. Examples of products that may cause fires and severely wound unsuspecting consumers due to defect include mattresses and bedding, clothing, lighters, room heaters, automobiles, and electrical wiring. In addition, housing and apartment code violations increase the likelihood of residential fires and corresponding burn injuries.

If you suspect that someone else’s negligence contributed to or caused your burn injury or the death of a family member, contact the personal injury lawyers at Rue & Ziffra, P.A. Our attorneys will work diligently to pursue and secure you the long-term compensation necessary to assist your recovery from a burn injury.