Lawyer Web Design Pitfalls – Your Programmer NOT on the Program?

Lawyer Web Design Pitfalls – Your Programmer NOT on the Program?


After overseeing the design and construction of nearly 100 web sites, I have come to the hard realization that often a great SEO engineer can think like a programmer, but that a great programmer seldom thinks like an SEO engineer. In many cases we have had to perform a complete redesign of a web site to make it more search engine friendly, even when the sites looked great and had very user-friendly navigation.

The days of just plugging in fresh content, a ton of key words and meta tags have past, and optimization has become much more sophisticated with the advent of Google Universal and the updating of Google’s algorithms.

So, is your programmer on the program?

If you believe that all there is to creating a web presence is to build a site and leave it out there for your prospects to find, you will be disappointed. On the other hand if you view your web site as a much more than an online brochure, you treat it like a work in progress and your programmer has a keen eye towards optimization, then you can expect your site to generate significant traffic and ultimately several new cases a year. It is a numbers game and the more traffic that you can attract to your site, the better the chance that you will reap the benefits of your investment. – Teaching Web Marketing for Lawyers

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