Lawyer Marketing Firm Creates newsroom product for Lawyers Perras/ 12/05/2008  – is a cutting edge technology; this online newsroom product was developed to give law firms the ability to deliver articles and press releases directly to the Internet through their own personal newsrooms, bypassing expensive and bureaucratic press release distribution outlets.  With the advent of Newsroom®, attorneys will have a direct connection with the World Wide Web. Their news will be carried on a large and continuously growing network of newswires assembled by, with the objective of being included in Google News and other web wire services.

Smart News Technology

By integrating into their websites, in a seamless fashion, small, medium and large attorney law firms will have the power to login to their own unique, “Newsroom Engines”. Lawyers will then have the ability to write and publish their news, articles, events and corporate announcements and syndicate these with a push of a button.  The news will then be carried over a diverse array of approved newswire partners, reaching large distribution networks including Google news, all articles subject to meeting press release guidelines.

This private label newsroom product will be tailored around your firm’s distinct image. These press releases and corporate announcements will have the look and feel of your law firm’s website.

Unlike existing large online press release distribution services which offer little or no help for optimizing articles and press releases for better indexing on the web. Smart news technology’s search engine optimization feature will give each press release the best possibility for pickup on the web. Each press release will create a page of precious, fresh website content, since each deliver article of news will become part of your website, providing your law firm improved ranking on the search engines.

Other Benefits include:

•    News Links, Linking to your Website
•    Auto Approved Press Releases
•    Customized RSS Feeds
•    Logo or Image Included in News Article
•    Video News Optimization – Google Universal

For more information on Newsroom®, and its eligibility requirements please contact:
Rene Perras | Vice President Cepac| Tel: 1-888-web-law-tv