Daytona Motorcycle Accident Attorney Allan L. Ziffra Alert – Biker thrown 75 feet

Daytona Beach motorcycle injury lawyer-Allan Ziffra-a motorcycle injury attorney alerts bike wreck! Driver causes biker to be thrown 75 feet at McDonald’s

December 4, 2008, Daytona Beach, FL (–Strong Central Florida motorcycle injury lawyer, Allan Ziffra, with the Daytona Beach personal injury law firm of Rue & Ziffra, alerts riders another bike wreck has occurred. South Manatee County, Florida witnesses claim the drive of a Toyota Camry turned left into the path of the motorcyclist causing the biker to crash. The wreck happened at approximately 3 p.m. yesterday, north of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport on U.S. 41, and investigation by Florida State Troopers continues. The 19 year-old motorcycle rider was transported via helicopter by emergency medical services (EMS) to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, FL, because of traumatic injuries.

Aggressive in the Florida courts advocating for injured bikers, Ziffra, a Daytona Beach motorcycle injury attorney, says Motorcycle accidents are frequently more devastating and traumatic because there is less protection for riders and passengers. Ziffra urges all Florida drivers to be aware of roadway safety in the presence of bikers:

-Maintain at least 2 car lengths for every 10 miles of speed between yourself and the motorcycle in front of you.
-Bikers DO NOT have the ability to “slam” on their brakes without being thrown off their bike or having to “lay” their bike down.
-Do not turn quickly in front of a biker thinking they have the ability to yield to your vehicle-THE BIKER WILL CRASH
-Remember: Bikers DO NOT have the vehicle/airbag/seatbelt protection afforded to car/truck drivers

Concerned Volusia County motorcycle enthusiast and safety advocate, Ziffra, a Central Florida bike wreck injury attorney claims when bikers crash brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are highly common. Motorcycle riders and passengers suffer serious injuries and even death every year in America because of the recklessness of other motor vehicle drives. Innocent riders and their families may be entitled to compensation for damages and injuries because of other drivers carelessness.

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