Why Should Attorneys Continue to Advertise? Law Firm Marketing Tip

Many of our clients have often asked, why do I need to continue my advertising program? I have been on TV for ‘X’ months or optimized my web site for a full year – isn’t that enough?

There are many factors at play, but the two that deserve the greatest consideration are top-of-mind awareness and the fact that personal injury law is a need-driven business.

Top-of-mind awareness simply means that when the need for a particular product or service arises, your name is the first name that comes to mind. Naturally, the goal of all advertising is to be positioned in your prospects mind exactly at the time that the need arises.

Which leads to the second consideration-personal injury law is strictly a need-driven business. There is no impulse to call an attorney; there is no test drive or promotion that will drive clients to a law firm just to see what they are like. Unless a potential client, or a member of their family has been injured, there is no reason to contact an attorney.

If those two factors alone don’t convince you that an ongoing, consistent message across multiple media is the key to your marketing success, let me make one more point. In business, the company with the greatest awareness always wins. When you think of a beer or soda or which ones comes to mind. Bud and Coke, perhaps? I challenge you to think of a company with the greatest awareness that is not the leader in their industry.

So the greater the awareness, the greater the chance that your firm will be top-of-mind when the need of an injured individual arises. With all that’s said and done, unless you can predict that need, or are the cause of it, do you really want to stop advertising?