West Palm Beach insurance lawyer Gary Roberts-Duke sues for breach of contract

West Palm Beach insurance lawyer Gary Roberts, a West Palm Beach insurance attorney reports Duke lawsuit. Duke University sues over Duke Lacrosse team case.

November 26, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL. (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Assertive South Florida insurance attorney, Gary Roberts, with the law office of Gary Roberts & Associates, reports Duke filed papers in federal court last Monday, November 24, 2008. Duke is seeking financial relief from National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (affiliate of insurance giant AIG). The case stems from gang-rape allegations that an escort service dancer lodged against three players after a lacrosse team party in June 2006. Before all the facts were gathered and any criminal charges were filed, Duke University officials suspended the Lacrosse team’s 2006 season. The criminal case was found to be unsubstantiated in April 2007 and all charges were dismissed against the three male university students/lacrosse players. In June 2007, Duke entered a settlement agreement with the three university students/lacrosse players who were accused and then exonerated. Neither side has disclosed the terms of the settlement agreement.

Strong insurance attorney, Roberts, experienced with insurance litigation and breach of contract lawsuits says Duke University claims National Union breached its contractual duty to pay legal defense costs and failed to compensate Duke in claims and lawsuits brought against the school.
A breach of contract usually occurs by one or more of the parties in one of the following ways:

* Failing to perform as promised.
* Making it impossible for the other party to perform.
* Making it known there is an intention not to perform.

Determined West Palm Beach insurance litigation attorney, Roberts, asserts contractual law is a highly complex legal issue. All American consumers and businesses are exposed to a contract every time they elect to have insurance. The insurance industry is an intricate organization with many confusing policies and contracts. The expertise of an attorney, knowledgeable with insurance company standards, guidelines and contracts, can help Americans recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

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