McDonalds in court over nude photos

News credit – A lawsuit was filed against McDonalds in late November due to an incident with a customer’s cell phone. Philip Sherman left his cell phone at the fast food restaurant, located in Fayetteville Arkansas, which incidentally contained nude photos of his wife, Tina Sherman.

Philip Sherman contacted McDonalds in attempt to regain his cellphone with the photographs intact. The employees allegedly assured Sherman that the phone would be secure until he could regain possession of it. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The racy photographs of Tina Sherman, their address, and number were all leaked to the internet by McDonalds employees, invading the customers’ privacy and ultimately humiliating them.

It was claimed that the pictures were posted on the internet with the McDonald’s logo and slogan. The pictures were posted in several places with Tina Sherman’s nude form and the McDonald’s slogan saying “I’m lovin’ it”. Causing more embarrassment to the couple, pictures were also posted stating that Mrs. Sherman was “as hot as McDonald’s coffee”.

The Sherman family is now seeking 3 million dollars through a lawsuit for damages against the McDonald’s chain, store manager, and franchise owner. They claim that the actions made by the fast food restaurant caused them embarrassment and emotional suffrage. Philip Sherman also claimed that due to the photos leaked to the internet, his wife had ultimately gained stalkers who sent crude letters, threatening calls, and text messages all about his wife’s nude pictures.