When do you need a Dallas brain injury lawyer? Attorney Amy Witherite educates

Dallas brain injury lawyer, Witherite, reveals more than 1 million Americans suffer brain injuries every year. Knowing when you need a brain injury lawyer may be important to you and your family

Dallas, Texas Dallas County brain injury attorney, Amy K. Witherite, reports more than 1 million Americans are treated for brain injuries every year. Between 80,000 to 90,000 of brain injuries result in severe disabilities and 50,000 victims die from these injuries. Traffic accidents involving all types of cars and motor vehicles including pickup trucks, SUV rollovers, and semi-trucks are the most common causes of brain injuries in the United States. An accident causing minimal property damage may result in a traumatic brain injury causing you or someone you love a severe disability and even death.

Experienced Dallas brain injury attorney, Witherite, with the Dallas law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, asserts most people who suffer brain injuries in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) don’t even realize they have been injured until days, weeks or months later when the following symptoms begin:

-Memory loss
-Personality changes
-Sleep deprivation

The skilled Dallas,Texas brain injury attorney, Witherite, urges drivers and passengers involved in an accident to seek medical attention immediately, even if the accident seems minor. If you begin to experience any of the above symptoms, after a MVC, seek medical attention immediately. Whenever the above symptoms occur you may face medical bills, job loss, and the need for continued health care because of your injuries. Seeking a medical expert for your health injuries and a legal expert for your financial and property injuries is the best way to recover from any motor vehicle accident especially semi-truck wrecks.

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