Bruce Clay Says Ranking Is Dead-Not so, just a new dawn in SEO explains Rene Perras

Bruce Clay Says Ranking Is Dead-Not so, just a new dawn in SEO explains Rene Perras


CEPAC Lawyer Marketing Helps Legal Professionals in Taking Advantage of New Online Technologies, Like Google Universal, to Help Improve Their ROI

West Palm Beach, Florida  ( — Marketing for legal services has become important not just to showcase an attorney, the firm’s availability and it’s resources, but also in helping clients make an informed decision on who matches up best with their legal needs. However, most legal professionals have been relatively slow at making this transition, due to ignorance, holding on to yesterday’s online marketing initiatives and web tools.

The legal marketing firm, CEPAC, consults legal professionals on how to leverage themselves on the web. Utilizing a wide range of Internet tools, website traffic volume and quality are increased resulting in conversions of new clients. Google Universal’s introduction, twenty months ago, is still just being adopted by a select group of web/ search engine optimizers/marketers, who understand this new dawn.

The Prevalence of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still an important aspect of Internet marketing for legal based websites. Today’s SEO attorney expert involved in promoting lawyer websites, whose primary objective is on ranking reports and achieving position one for the best terms, will soon be out of a job. Matt Cutt’s refers to this as, “ranking no.1 for your trophy phrase”.  A custom and personalized marketing web program for law firms is what will deliver the necessary return on investment. Optimizers must evolve into search engine marketers and become true advocates for the firms that have retained their services. According to CEPAC professionals, the shift has been created by less dependence on page rankings and more reliance on increased website traffic. Black Hat SEO, including spamdexing, and other illegal means of manipulating search indexes, have motivated the search engine engineer, from the most searched engine, Google, to modify their algorithms and change how they rank pages for relevant searches. This has forced the need for an increased focus on brand building, conversion, server logs, and other elements that will help bring traffic to attorney websites.

This new dawn will create more opportunities for legal professionals, who have the acumen, by having a more defined message and voice in reaching audiences through advertising via social networking sites, informative blogs, video sharing sites like You Tube and other web video sites. These sites continue to grow in popularity by both general consumers, and professionals in virtually every arena. Lawyers and law firms who are able to harness this new dawn will have the equivalent of their own personal newsroom.

CEPAC invites attorneys and law firms to visit them online at, for information on how they can help build distinctive images through the company’s specialized SEO techniques, press release writing and distribution, blog writing and management, web design, and other unique tools. The boutique firm has years of experience in helping firms take their legal advertising initiatives to a higher level.

For more information about CEPAC services, please visit Cepac – Lawyer Marketing

Special thanks & video credit to Mike McDonald for an excellent  Q&A session with Matt Cutts “Matt Cutts on Changes at Google”

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