Palm Beach injury lawyer Susan Ramsey warns higher food poisoning with holidays

West Palm Beach food injury lawyer, Susan Ramsey, top in South Florida personal injury-food poisoning creates illness leading to wrongful death during holidays

November 20, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL ( Palm Beach County Salmonella news and food poisoning attorney, Ramsey, is informing consumers more than 200,000 Americans get sick every day from what they eat. With Thanksgiving a week away and the remaining holiday bonanza around the consumer food consumption increases and so does food poisoning injuries.

Educated West Palm Beach, Florida personal injury attorney, Ramsey, with the West Palm Beach law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates alerts consumers and food providers the following rules should be observed to keep bacteria

-Wash your hands often (hand washing is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of food borne illness).
-Keep raw food separate from cooked food
-Keep cold food cold and hot food hot
-Use a food thermometer-Salmonella dies at 165 degrees
-Store leftovers in small portions in the refrigerator
-Keep your fridge at 40°F or below to keep bacteria from growing.
-Wipe down counters, cutting boards and utensils that have been used for raw meat.

Skilled South Florida personal injury attorney, Susan Ramsey, is proficient with consumer health law news and is reminding all Americans that the holiday time is a constant celebration with family, friends, and co-workers. The holidays is a time of rejoicing and increase food handling and consumption accompanies celebrations and festivities. Review of proper food handling, heating and consumption can prevent and help with food problems all year long saving innocent Americans from injury, illness, disease and even death from food poisoning. Restaurants, grocers, and food manufacturing companies may be held responsible for food poisoning injuries if they do not follow federal and states guidelines regarding food safety. Consumers injured because a business is not following states and national laws regarding food safety may be entitled to compensation for their food poisoning injuries and damages.

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