7 Deadly Dangers To Children During The Holidays

Texas Child Advocacy Attorney Scott Edgett On The 7 Deadly Dangers To Children During The Holidays

Dallas, Texas (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — Family gatherings, holiday dinners, and special traditions are suppose to be the most wonderful times of the year, especially for children. Unfortunately, for emergency room doctors it is also one of the busiest times of the year. Thus, it is vitally important that you take time to read the information below to learn how to protect your little ones from some common holiday dangers. Here are my 7 Deadly Dangers to Children During the Holidays:

(1) Recalled Toys. Recalls make holiday toy shopping quite difficult. In addition to toys that have been recalled by the United State Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should avoid purchasing cheap jewelry, toys with any detachable magnets, and toys that contain very small pieces. To be safe, it is always best to purchase toys that are made in the United States to ensure product safety and accountability.
(2) Christmas Trees. Keep your holiday tree secured in a sturdy stand so it does not tip over and seriously injure a child. Additionally, tree ornaments, light bulbs, icicles, and tinsel are potential choking hazards for small children because they may block the airway. Further, the needles of holiday trees can cause painful cuts in the mouth and throat of a child who swallows them. Finally, angel hair, which is made from finely spun glass, and ornament hangers may cause cuts, skin irritation, or eye damage if touched or swallowed by children.
(3) Poisoning. Such common holiday plants used for decorating can cause deadly poisoning to young children. These plants include the mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and Jerusalem cherry plants. Additionally, children can be poisoned by bubble lights which contain methylene chloride. Further, many children become severely ill from alcohol poisoning and food poisoning during the holidays.
(4) Kitchens. Since most holiday gatherings involve cooking, there are a lot of opportunities for burns. Thus, you should keep pot handles turned away from the front of the stove and always keep the over door closed. To prevent these type of accidents, keep your children out of the kitchen or watch them closely while you bake or cook.
(5) Outdoors. There is an increased risk of car accidents and injuries to children during the holiday season. Parents can prevent many injuries by buckling up their children and attempt to avoid driving on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, since there is a higher incidence of drunk driving accidents on these days. Finally, if you live in or will travel to a cold weather climate, sledding accidents can cause children very serious injuries. Thus, children should be supervised by responsible adults at all times.
(6) Choking/Swallowing. Tree ornaments, light bulbs, icicles, tinsel, and small toys are potential choking hazards for small children because they may block the airway. It is important to keep any of these dangerous items out of the reach of young children.
(7) Fires. Keep your holiday tree secured in a sturdy stand so it does not tip over and possible cause a fire. Also, it is important to keep your tree away from any heating sources or electrical outlets and always remember to unplug all lights, both indoor and outdoor, before you go to bed. Finally, most fires are usually caused from candles so try to avoid using candles at all means. However, if you decide to use a candle you should never leave a room with a lit candle as it only takes one minute for a spark from a candle to start a fire.

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