Shelly Greco a Dallas Truck Wreck Lawyer wins jury verdict

Dallas Texas truck wreck lawyer, Shelly Greco, wins jury verdict 2x policy limits after United Auto refuses to pay.  November 18, 2008, Dallas, Texas Knowledgeable Dallas County motor vehicle collision (MVC) attorney, Greco, reports $43,000 jury verdict seems like a loss. Greco’s client, Rowena Blystone was a passenger, in her pickup truck, along with her two children driven by her spouse when they where struck by a car driven by Yanina Espinosa. The insured driver, Espinosa, ran a stop sign and hit the Blytone family pickup truck.

Informed Texas truck accident victim advocate, Shelly T. Greco, asserts there is a clear case of liability by Espinosa. Honest, hardworking Texans like Espinosa and Blystone are buying legitimate car accident insurance policies, paying their premiums on time, and their insurance companies, like United Auto, are not honoring their own insurance policy contracts. Greco, with the Dallas Truck Wreck Lawyers of Eberstein & Witherite, provides the following key facts regarding insurance company issues plaguing Texas drivers below:

-Espinosa, the driver at fault, carries car insurance from United Auto.
-Espinosa bought a policy limit of $20,000 from United Auto
-Blystone suffered neck & back injuries with medical bills totaling $14,798.50
-Blystone’s property damage totals $3,319.62
-Attorney Greco, who represents injured victim Blystone offered to accept
less than the policy limits and United Auto Insurance Company refused to settle.
-Greco was forced to bring a lawsuit against Espinosa to recover the damages and losses suffered by Blystone simply because her
insurance company, United Auto, refused to pay.
-The lawsuit filed in court received a jury verdict of $43,000 to Blaystone for her medical bills, property damages, court costs and
attorneys’ fees.
-Texas automobile insurance companies regularly refuse to settle legitimate claims, filed by their insured drivers close, to the policy
limits in the presence of clear cases of liability.
-Texas insurance companies continue to place their own insured drivers at financial risk because they are unwilling to tender policy
-These unethical practices by insurance companies can/may leave insured drivers responsible for the difference between the policy
limits and the jury award.

Experienced pickup truck wreck advocate, Shelly T. Greco, urges Texans to educate themselves about the usual practices used by insurance companies to continue to avoid paying their insured drivers legitimate claims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) you may be entitled to compensation for your damages and losses.

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