University of Utah/Latter Day Saints hospital agree to pay injured amputee

November 7, 2008, Salt Lake City, UT: medical malpractice settlement (JusticeNewsFlash)–Lisa Speckman lost three limbs after she contracted a flesh eating bacteria while receiving hospital care after the birth of her baby.
Speckman claimed negligence by the hospital doctors and staff at Latter Day Saints (LDS) hospital in Salt Lake City, UT caused the necrotizing fasciitis. The lawsuit brought by Speckman and her attorneys asked for damages and compensation for a lifetime of care stemming from permanent and disabling injuries due to the medical malpractice. reporter providing ground breaking news and information on various topics including medical malpractice lawsuits, wrongful death litigation, hospital injury and infection control claims. Justice provides a web site visibility forum for lawyers, journalists and other professionals to communicate educational news and consumer information to their communities through an easy access medium.

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