Nevada Supreme Court says Las Vegas child has medical malpractice lawsuit

Nevada Supreme Court overturns a lower courts dismissal of birth mother’s medical malpractice claim. Nevada law states brain injury qualifies as brain damage or birth defect during delivery of baby.

November 7, 2008, San Francisco, CA (–Experienced San Francisco, CA, traumatic brain injury attorney, Mary Alexander, agrees with the recent decision of the Nevada Supreme Court. The higher court has reinstated a traumatic birth injury lawsuit. The victim of the medical malpractice claim is James Monroe who was born in May 1995 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. During the emergency caesarean section Baby Monroe’s head was lacerated with a scalpel by the delivering doctor. Because of the laceration by the surgeon, Baby Monroe, bled for over one hour. The doctors, nurses and staff at Sunrise Hospital eventually transfered the gravely injured baby to Southwest Regional Neonatal Center. The malpractice suit claims Baby James Monroe was permanently brain damaged and disabled by the negligence of the doctors and staff.

The skilled San Francisco medical malpractice litigator concurs with the justices’ decision to overrule the lower Nevada court decision:

-Nevada law states medical malpractice lawsuits involving “brain damage or birth defect” have an extended period of limitations up to the injured child’s 10th birthday.
-The injury to Baby Monroe does qualify as brain damage or a birth defect under Nevada law.
-The medical malpractice lawsuit will be allowed to continue in Clark County District Court.

Bay area medical malpractice attorney, Mary Alexander, with Mary Alexander & Associates, states permanent brain damage injuries during child birth are not uncommon. These type of catastrophic injuries effect the injured baby, the birth parents and the entire family. Families who have suffered injuries and damages due to medical malpractice during child birth may be compensated for their losses.

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