President-elect Barack Obama will take the world stage in Chicago

November 4, 2008, Breaking news, Chicago, IL (– The most historic moment in 232 years of United States history with Times Square and Grant Park in an uproar! Obama headquarters in Chicago explodes with the 44th president of the United States election results.

A shot rings out around the world with the reports of the United States President elect Barack Obama winning the most prestigious seat in the world. Views of supporters in Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Kenya reveals supporters crying tears of joy and exalting within this historic moment.

We are witnessing one of the most historic moments in United States and world history with America transcending the race factor. A great man once sang out to a crowd of peaceful Americans, “I have a dream…” Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., began a peaceful movement to bring change and unity among all men. Mayor Daley and the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention has come full circle to 2008. Chicago and a younger Mayor Daley will now witness and host President-elect, African-American Barack Obama. Obama brings a voice of change. A voice for peace. A voice for unity of all Americans and the human race world wide.

Heather L. Ryan, reporter specializing in 2008 presidential election results.

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