New Jersey jury awards brain damaged man $25 million for doctor misdiagnosis

Record $25 million jury award to Middlesex County man brain damaged by misdiagnosis. The plaintiff’s New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers say verdict is justified for several doctors’ negligence.

October 31, 2008, New Jersey: In 2001, a former Trenton man suffered permanent brain damage due to continuous misdiagnosis by physicians. John Stanford was 40 years old when he was misdiagnosed and mistreated by physicians and medical specialists at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Over a five day period in 2001, Stanford, repeatedly reported to the emergency room at the Hamilton, New Jersey hospital for care. He kept seeking treatment by the hospital physicians and staff for his worsening headaches, right leg paralysis, and continuous falling. Despite he and his family begging the hospital staff to treat his worsening symptoms, he was discharged home. A CT scan of his brain was performed on his first visit to the emergency room. The CT scan clearly revealed a cyst doctors overlooked that led to an aneurysm causing irreversible brain damage.

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