Nevada medical malpractice laws hurting blind man!

The State of Nevada Legislature enacted medical malpractice reforms in 2004. Medical malpractice lawyers in Nevada and other states are unable to help patients injured by doctors and hospitals.

October 31, 2008, Nevada: Medical malpractice attorneys in Nevada, like many other states, are unable to help injured patients and consumers. In 2004, the Nevada Legislature proposed amendment Question 3. This amendment was pushed by physicians, surgeons, hospitals and insurance companies called, “Keep Our Doctors in Nevada”. Confused voters overwhelmingly approved this initiative believing lawyers filed unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits against doctors. Consumers feared doctors and surgeons would leave their home state, further challenging the healthcare woes all Americans have been experiencing.

The news reporters at recently learned about 59-year-old Richard Krikalo. The Nevada resident is almost blind, in his right eye because of a botched retina reattachment operation in August 2007 by an eye surgeon. Medical malpractice attorneys, consulted in Nevada, have informed him; it is economically unfeasible to litigate his claim, due to the malpractice caps and time limitation laws passed in 2004. Mr. Krikalo does not believe in frivolous lawsuits. He understands someone who loses his eyesight, due to a surgeon’s negligence, should be compensated for what he has lost. Krikalo further states what personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death litigators across America already know, “There’s hardly any protection for the consumer any more. Now everything is in favor of doctors.”

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